The best recommendation is to choose MontePegoLife Real State .

The reasons are:

  • Our work is focused witch complete dedication and exclusivity, purely of MontePego.
  • We invest in the marketing and image of MontePego.
  • Our Excellent after sales services.
  • Our “Centro de Servicios”  adds value to your property on montePego making your live easier.
  • Our Love of MontePego motivate us, we were born and live here, we know MontePego and its surroundings perfectly.
  • We can recommend any house for sale in MontePego.
  • Our Grandfather was the creator of MontePego in the 70s.
  • We organise the Events and Activities on MontePego.
  • Our objetive is customer satisfaction and client referrals.
  • We are MontePego Real State Specialists.

MontePegoLife is a young and creative company specialising in the Residential Tourism

“After finishing our studies and with the experience of having spent our childhood in this wonderful place called MontePego, being proud to be relatives of the creator of MontePego, we decided to form MontePegoLife in 2011″.
 “We decided to create an independent company, specialising in Tourism, to apply our own ideas and knowledge. To carry out the Marketing and advertising of MontePego for clients that want to sell their properties and contract our services, creating value, satisfaction and business efficiency.”
“Who better than us can suggest to the future buyers the advantages of living in MontePego. With regards to the name, MontePegoLife, the choice was simple; it is the life in the place that we live and know, we decided to put “life” in English to emphasise the international nature of Monte Pego”.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Juan, Pepe and Jorge Ivars.


MontePegoLife is the engine for Marketing,
Sales, Services, Activities and Social life in MontePego.

We are thankful to the MontePegoLife’s Team for their efforts to achieve these objectives, We are grateful for the confidence of Clients, Collaborators and MontePegoLife´s Team, who help us with their ideas, suggestions and friendship, in the planning of present and future projects for MontePego.

MontePego is…

“Beautiful panoramic views”        

“Peaceful and tranquil”      

“Well situated equidistant between Valencia and Alicante”        

“ Microclimate”       

 “ Proximity to the Mediterranean Sea”     


“ Incredible sunrises and sunsets”         

 “Cosmopolitan social life”      



  “Mediterranean style of construction”   

“Fantastic night skies without light pollution”    

 “Sense of wellbeing”   

“Ease of making friends”Natural Environment”        


 “Native flora and fauna”        

“Idyllic gardens ”        

“All year round services”

This are some of the exclusive reasons which make MontePego different from other Residential developments